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STAT!Ref Evidence-based Medicine & Point of Care Resources

Evidence-based Medicine (EBM): The STAT!Ref Core Resources Collection for Evidence-Based Medicine has an outstanding collection of evidence-based resources.

Point of Care (POC): The STAT!Ref Core Resources Collection for Point of Care features a plethora of important clinical content applicable at the bedside.


STAT!Ref included Resources

These are just a few of the online tools we have to offer and come complete with every subscription:

  • Full-text, cross-searchable healthcare information from top medical publishers
  • Optimized for all mobile devices, providing 24/7 access
  • EMR and EHR compatible
  • AAFP Conditions A-Z - Patient handout information
  • EBMcalc - Evidence-based medical calculators
  • Evidence Alerts - McMaster Plus™
  • STAT!Ref News Feed - Reuters Health Medical News
  • Results from from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites
  • National Guideline Clearing House - EBM practice guidelines
  • PubMed - link out to citations or full-text articles

Two of the "first choice" resources to use in sequence for many clinical questions are:1
• National Guideline Clearinghouse - EBM practice guidelines
• PubMed - Clinical Queries - Evidence Based filters for Medline

PubMed & The National Guidelines Clearing House

Both of these resources are provided free by the U.S. Government.
Integrated within your search, STAT!Ref automatically searches PubMed and the National Guidelines Clearing House for matched results. Related concepts are displayed using the Metathesaurus, provided by the National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System. Users with a PubMed account can register their PubMed "holding name" or "otool id" with us and link directly to PubMed full journal articles they subscribe to. Users without a PubMed account will still get access to PubMed citations.

More on PubMed
More on National Guideline Clearing House


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Evidence-based Medicine Resources

The STAT!Ref Core Resources Collection for Evidence-Based Medicine has an outstanding collection of evidence-based resources.

Adobe PDF Icon  Evidence-based Medicine Core Collection PDF

For an online list and detailed title descriptions of available Evidence-based Medicine titles, click here.

STAT!Ref also has EBMcalc an integrated EBM Calculator along with Evidence Alerts (EBM information sent via email delivery based on your selections). All alerts are pre-rated for clinical relevance.


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Essential Evidence Plus™ (EE+)

An Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support System

• Improve patient outcomes
• Inform point-of-care decisions
• Save time and stay organized on the front line
• Stay up to date with the latest evidence

EE+ is a powerful, comprehensive clinical decision support system that integrates information on 9,000 diagnoses into healthcare professional’s clinical workflows. This clinical tool, created by an international team of renowned medical experts, was developed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on the front line of patient care. Delivered through STAT!Ref you get;
• Targeted content and STAT!Ref’s powerful search engine ensure you get relevant answers fast
• Bulleted, streamlined structure provides immediate access to hundreds of evidence-based recommendations on diagnosis, therapy, prevention, screening, and other topics related to the diseases that you treat every day
• Available on the STAT!Ref Mobile App for access anytime, anywhere

Essential Evidence Plus™ is paired with AHFS DI® Essentials™

With AHFS DI® Essentials™, ASHP builds on the foundation of AHFS Drug Information by providing a resource that focuses on the essential evidence-based information that will allow pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and other health-care providers to quickly access the specific guidance needed to safely and effectively monitor and prescribe drug therapy. Because it is derived from the authoritative AHFS DI, the well-respected information development process, evidence analysis, and expert advice of authoritative reviewers are encapsulated and summarized in the format of Essentials.

For more on Essential Evidence Plus™ (EE+), click here.


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Point of Care Resources

The STAT!Ref Core Resources Collection for Point of Care features a plethora of important clinical content applicable at the bedside. Available via free mobile access, this collection is an ideal turn-key solution at the point of care. Content relates to diagnosis and assessment, drug information, evidence-based medicine, emergency medicine, patient safety and quality improvement and much more. All STAT!Ref content is full-text and cross-searchable, available anytime and anywhere.

Adobe PDF Icon  Point of Care Core Collection PDF


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"I find STAT!Ref's variety of current evidence based information invaluable."

-- Chris Smith, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Adult Mental Health, Wairarapa DHB

"I like the following aspects of StatRef: The display of titles in an A-Z format, with the choice of viewing by discipline, the custom filter, allowing searching by evidence-based medicine, and the very large selection of titles from which to choose."

-- Emily, Medical Librarian, Deaconess Hospital

"Stat!Ref is outstanding. Your program has been an invaluable resource for my care plans and drug research."

-- Jeff, Nursing Student, Collin College

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