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Healthcare Organizations

STAT!Ref offers critical healthcare information solutions for institutional users, such as, group practices, consortiums, hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics, medical libraries, doctors, nurses, nursing homes, pediatricians, dentists, surgeons, researchers, chiropractors, psychiatrists, patient safety & quality control managers, and the list goes on. STAT!Ref is being utilized in numerous facilities both here and around the world. We would love to work with your institution or organization to create a subscription specifically suited to your needs.

Our Patient Safety and Quality Improvement resources are invaluable assets to have for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, doctors' offices or any place that is concerned for patient safety and the reduction of spreading infection or causing illness and for preventing injuries. If you're looking to meet Patient Safety goals and standards, look no further than STAT!Ref.   Download the PDF


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"As a student at Ashford University studying to be a Healthcare Administrator and conducting an in-depth study of the Joint Commission, I feel it is imperative that these three books be read by every administrator in addition to each and every healthcare provider. The three Joint Commission resources are a must read for everyone in the medical industry."
• Credentialing and Privileging Your Hospital Medical Staff: Examples for Improving Compliance
• Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions
• Safe Surgery Guide

-- Lawrence Hasenour

Language Translator


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