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Our Customers

At STAT!Ref, we have many different types of customers and users. Any individual or institution that seeks current, reliable healthcare information, would benefit from a STAT!Ref subscription.

Check out the customizable SOLUTIONS we have to fit anyone's needs and budget.

Here is a sampling of our most frequent users:

  • Doctors (surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, etc)
  • Nurses
  • University/College Professors
  • Residents/Students
  • Medical Center/Hospital Librarians
  • University/College Librarians
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Military Personnel
  • Government and Public Health Personnel


Read what others are saying...

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"I found your portal to be a great means of aggregating numerous sources of information that are very beneficial to both informatics students as well as health care professionals such as myself. Having an area which pulls together numerous resources helps in locating patient teaching resources and as a means to locate information to share among colleagues. For those nurses who are seeking to take the NCLEX, the tutorials are a helpful source of information which address areas of deficits or just as a means to review to help in preparation."

-- Sanden Daughhetee, BSN, RN, BAAS, University of North Texas Health Informatics Program

"Thank you for putting together such a user-friendly website. It's extremely instinctive and easy to use. Thank you for making research much easier!"

-- Anne, OMS III, Arizona Health Information Network

"I find Stat!Ref to be my go to online reference. I no longer need to buy textbooks or keep my office cluttered with them."

-- Martin Tien, MD, Southwest Medical Associates

"Anatomy.tv is a great resource during A&P I and II. Especially for visual learners, it is a great tool to be used as an additional technique to study for exams."

-- Gina, Nursing Student, Colby Sawyer College

"I like the following aspects of StatRef: The display of titles in an A-Z format, with the choice of viewing by discipline, the custom filter, allowing searching by evidence-based medicine, and the very large selection of titles from which to choose."

-- Emily, Medical Librarian, Deaconess Hospital

"Stat!Ref is outstanding. Your program has been an invaluable resource for my care plans and drug research."

-- Jeff, Nursing Student, Collin College

"Anatomy.tv is a great tool for our dental hygiene students to study head and neck anatomy. It is especially useful for our online students who don't have the benefit of visual learning in the onsite classroom setting. Head and neck anatomy – bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, etc are tough to visualize and this tool definitely aids the visual learner. I like the layering capability to allow students to study and review selected areas and then 'put it all together' for an overall impression. Another good piece of teaching technology to place in our toolkit. Thanks!"

-- Lisa, Department Head - Dental Hygiene Program, Community College

"I have been using STAT!Ref now for 2 years and it has been my crutch going through Nursing School. There have been so many instances where I would need to look up a drug quickly, or a recent nursing journal article. STAT!Ref is amazing and has provided me with up to date, accurate, and reliable information. I hope STAT!Ref stays in business to help students/medical professionals for years to come."

-- Nash Harris, May 2011 Graduate of Del Mar Nursing School, Kingsville, TX

"What I love about Stat!Ref is the expansive collection of e-books made available to students like myself, who are most likely strapped for cash and too short on time to visit the library. I found some great resources through Stat!Ref... I highly recommend Stat!Ref to students, and will definitely use the database again in future rotations."

-- Eun Lee

"I am a pharmacy student at Butler and I am finding your database particularly useful in my class on clinical assessment. Having the integrated Stedman's medical dictionary has been a great tool or working on defining new terminology, completing pre-lab activities, and preparing for lab sessions. The interface is very user-friendly for the whole site and it is one that I am sure I will be using regularly as I move through the pharmacy program."

-- Rick Piatek, Butler University, Downers Grove, IL

"I am quite pleased to comment on the StatRef and AnatomyTV products. We have a diploma school of nursing as part of our health system. These two products are used heavily by our students. Also, staff nurses and others are using these products. Ali Abbass is a great rep, easy to contact and work with. There have been no problems here with access or down time. In the first month, the StatRef book on fluids and electrolytes had 78 hits. This was before some orientations were even complete. I certainly hope to add to our StatRef products for our next budget year."

-- Susan B. Warner, MLS - Covenant Medical Library

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